Saturday, March 14, 2009

Felty Giveaway from a Leprechaun

You caught a little Leprechaun, now he must grant you your wish.....take a look, note your first and second choices. There are options to choose from so be sure to read each description. To enter you must leave me a comment stating your first and second choices or your name won't be included in the drawing (if you have trouble commenting let me know via email). The leprechaun wilI pick 2 lucky winners on St. Patrick's Day, Tuesday, March 17 and will post the winners here, at 5 Orange Potatoes, Tuesday night. :) Here are the choices...........

Ginkgo Leaf Brooch

Evergreen Love Tree, you choose pendant or brooch

Fawn Brooch

Lucky Ladybug or Acorn Pendant

Blowing in the Wind Tree Pendant, choose from the following colors

Little Mushroom, you choose brooch or hairpin

Overseas? Include yourselves too. ;)


Tammy said...

Oh, decisions,! After much discussion, the girls and I decided our choice would be:
1. mushroom brooch
2. fawn brooch

Oh, they are all adorable, though! So sweet of you to do a giveaway. :)

Joy said...

Those are all SO cute! The evergreen love tree is my first choice and the orange blowing in the wind tree is my second. :) Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

Anonymous said...

all so very cutesy!
mushroom brooch is our first choice and the evergreen love tree is a close second!
thanks for the opportunity!

Anet said...

Oooo... they are all so great! Let's see, my choices are
1. Evergreen Love Tree brooch
2. Fawn brooch
Thanks for the chance to win one of your felty creations:)

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, how cute! First choice for me is the fawn brooch, second is the orange blowing in the wind tree pendant. :)

Unknown said...

Ohhhhh the choices!
1. Fawn Brooch
2 Ginkgo Brooch

Such a hard choice though they are all soooo cute.

Adrienne said...

Ummmm. My two favourites are: 1. Ginkgo and 2. the Evergreen Tree.
What a lovely giveaway, I'll keepmy fingers crossed :)

Anonymous said...

Oooooh! So much adorableness! Well, I think I need 1) the ladybug pendant for my DS who loves them (and wearing necklaces :-) or 2) the acorn for the same reasons. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work (and the tutorial for the mushroom brooch - I'm not entering to win that because I hope to make my own one day :-)!!

Sherry Gann said...

woohoo! :)
1-little mushroom brooch
2-fawn brooch

Beth said...

So cute! Thanks for a fun giveaway!
1. acorn pendant
2. orange blowing in the wind tree pendant

Jennifer said...

Oh how beautiful!

My choice's would be
1. Evergreen Love Tree
2. Ladybug

Thank you for the chance!

Anonymous said...

LISA... this is SO exciting!!!! Please can I be in?
My favorite is the Evergreen Love Tree and my second fav is the mushroom hair clip. But I love them all!
You are so creative!

Mama King said...

All of them are very sweet! Hope I'm lucky on St Pats!
1. Mushroom Brooch
2. Fawn Brooch

eidolons said...

choice one: Blowing in the Wind Tree Pendant (Orange)

choice two: Little Mushroom brooch

After I finish making a messenger bag for the husband I think I may do a little giveaway like this, too.

eidolons AT gmail DOT com

Peggy said...

What a sweet leprechaun!

1. Blowing in the Wind Tree Pendant, yellow
2. ladybug!

dongdong said...

oooo....aaaaa! That is so kind of you. :)

J's choice is
1)yellow tree
2)fawn brooch

But I love the evergreen love tree and the fawn just fyi. :)) They are all very pretty.

Erin said...

How cute and generous ...
My first choice would be:
Blowing in The Wind (blue) Pendant.
My second choice would be:
The Mushroom Brooch
Thanks & Peace.

Becky said...

Oooo that cheeky leprachaun, how can I choose?!
1.lucky ladybug ( their lifecycle is my daughter's science fair project!)
2. evergreen tree brooch

Happy St Patrick's Day! :D

Elizabeth said...

Too Cute. Very hard choice, but...
1. Ginko leaf
2. orange tree

Jane said...

My first choice would be the Fawn Brooch, then my second choice would be the acorn Pendant. They are all really cute but those would be my choices. How exciting it would be so fun to receive one, what a great idea! I wonder if I will have the luck of the Irish with me : )

MamaWestWind said...

Oh, so adorable! Favs are

1. Blowing in the wind Tree pendant- orange

2. mushroom brooch

tree said...

These are so amazing!

i love the green blowing in the wind tree pendant as my first choice!

Second choice would be The evergreen love tree.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely!

1.Green Tree
2.Ginkgo Leaf Brooch

Melanie said...

Awesome, I didnt enter because I didnt know if you shipped globally so please count me in:)
My first choice is The Evergreen Love Tree because I am an obsessive tree lover
Second choice is The Acorn because they seem to be falling from the sky here at the moment in Australia and my son and I have tonnes of fun collecting them, crunching them or painting them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this leprechaun is very generous and talented! My little lass and I are charmed by all of the pretty felts, especially:

1. Tree Blowing in the Wind (blue)
2. Evergreen Love Tree brooch

Thank you for such a sweet way to welcome spring and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

sharleen.2cupsofcoffee said...

Love it! Thanks.
1)Evergreen tree
2) mushroom

dawn klinge said...

Sweet giveaway! They're all so cute. I would choose the fawn brooch first, then the ladybug pendant.

Shona Leah said...

oh sweet!
1.Fawn Brooch
2.Little mushroom hairpin

Anonymous said...

1. lady bug
2. ornge blowing in wind

All are so beautiful!

smsteach at ptd dot net

momandkiddo said...

These are all delightful.
I am in love with
1. Ginkgo Leaf Brooch
2. Orange Wind Tree

jenerekfamily said...

Mushroom pendant first choice, blowing in the wind tree in lavender is my second choice. They are all lovely.

Amber said...

Oh how lovely,
What a generous giveaway..

Hmmm my first choice would be the mushroom hairpin and second choice would be the mushroom brooch..But i love the fawn and being a Herbal med pusher I loooove the gingko leaf too....xxxxxxxx

Juana said...

They all are so cute! Since I have to choice only two, this is my choice:

1. ladybird pendant
2. ginkgo brooch
Hope to be fortunate. I'll make happy my little niece!

Linda said...

You are so very kind to offer this, thank you:

My first choice is the fawn and my second is the mushroom. I live in South Africa....

Mindy said...

Ooooh...these all make me *swoon*. You are so talented! Hard to choose, but my #1 fave is the fawn brooch and a very close #2 is the little mushroom hairpin :)Thank you so much for your generosity!

Anonymous said...

How fun! First choice would be the ladybug pendant, then the acorn pendant!
Hard to chose, though.

atelierlemlem said...

Oh, how sweet of you to do a give away and count in oversees too...
I love all those sweet felty's, but as I have to make a choice... is the wind tree my first choice and the ladybug, as my blog is called het lieveheersbeestje and that means ladybug in dutch. You can inmagine how I love ladybugs!!
Have a nice sunday and greetings from the Netherlands,
Mama lieveheersbeestje.

kelli said...

hard to pick a favorite because they are all so cute!!

1. Evergreen Love Tree Brooch
2. Fawn Brooch

Nik said...

Oh, I'd love to be in too! They're all so neat...

1. ginkgo
2. orange or green blowing in the wind

Tan Family said...

1. Blowing in the wind tree (any color!)
2. Gingko leaf

Thank beautiful!

Leanne said...

Ooh look at you having a fabulous giveaway! Lucky I have just made it then thank you....they are all gorgeous but I would choose.....

1. Lady bug pendant
2. Ginkgo brooch

Fingers crossed....

cindy said...

What a wonderful blog!! And extremely cute and creative talent you and your girls share.
My first choice would be the orange blowing in the wind tree.
Second choice would be the mushroom hair pin. Although I shaved my head for Relay for Life, my daughter would look beautiful with it.

Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

They are all so lovely!

1. Gingko leaf
2. Acorn

Amanda said...

They are all so lovely!

1. Gingko leaf
2. Acorn

Wendy said...

Adorable!!! I just love:
1. Mushroom brooch
2. Fawn brooch

They're all so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! How generous of you! I love your creations! My first choice would be a White "Blowing in the Wind" pendant and my second is the "Little Mushroom" brooch.
Thanks again and will be back to check if I have won :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I love felt, too, but you are a Felt Wizard! So glad I found your blog.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to choose one -- gotta be the Gingko leaf.

Anonymous said...

how sweet of you to allow us the opportunity to choose like this. hmmmmmm, decisions, decisions. they are all sooooooo adorable.

1. ladybug pendant
2. little mushroom brooch

Cupcake Mama said...

so cute!!
1. blowing in the wind
2. mushroom

see you read last child in the woods, too....great book! looking forward to keeping up with your blog : )

Anonymous said...

We're in love with

1. The acorn

2. The white blowing in the wind tree.

They all look so friendly :)

Hippy Goodwife said...

They are beautiful! The fawn would be my first choice, followed by the mushroom. So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?! I absolutely love your felt creations and am so excited to have a chance to win one! Thank you thank you for offering these. Now the hard part ... to choose which two. My favorites are the (1) Evergreen Love Tree Brooch (for the nature lover in me) and the (2) Ginkgo Leaf Brooch (for the herbalist in me) .

Whom ever wins your creations will have the luck of the Irish!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

It's Mean to make us pick favorites.

But if you insist...
1. Felt Fawn.
2.Gingko leaf....
and 3. Acorn Pendant there.
I never follow all of the rules! ;)

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

I'm off to add green food coloring to the toilets before I go to bed.

Unknown said...

They are all beautiful, but I especially love the lucky ladybug pendant and the evergreen love tree pendant!

Unknown said...

ok this is probably going to crack you up, but i changed my mind, that's how hard the decision was!
....i like lucky ladybug pendant and mushroom hair pin the best! ;-)

crazyestonian said...

First of, I have to say that I love your mushroom brooch tutorial. I have made brooches myself but it never occurred to me to add an extra piece on the back with running stitch to hide all the stitching and knots. I have just worked on keeping the back side super neat, your method is so much faster!

I would love to get a fawn or ginko leaf brooch from a leprechaun :)

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I would love the ginko brooch or the evergreen love brooch. THANKS!

Toni said...

these are so cute its hard ro choose a favorite, but I would say 1. the fawn, and 2, the mushroom.

All of thee are so sweet.

Anonymous said...

They are so lovely!
My choices are:
1. fawn brooch (for my 8 yo animal lover)
2. mushroom hairpin (for my 2yo's hair in face problem)!

Thank you for being such a king little leprechaun!
Your blog is such a lovely place to visit!
I will be back often!

Anonymous said...

kind, not king, sorry!
but you can be king if you want to!

Lisa said...

Thank you everyone for the nice comments! :)

nettlejuice said...

I might be too late and with so may comments I most likely haven't got a chance, but I love your little creations. The ginko is my favorite because I nearly worship the ancient and healing tree. I would have to say the mushroom hairpin would be my second fav. Beautiful work!