Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Felty Giveaway Winners

We did a random drawing and low and behold, 6 names were drawn! I don't know how this happend, there were just so many entries....we couldn't stop drawing at 2! Thank you all so much for your comments, they were all so nice, I will do this again in the near future! (I think I will open an etsy shop too.)

Dong Dong and J from Adventures of Prime (W) and J won the yellow blowing in the wind tree pendant.

Pink and Green Mama won the fawn brooch.

Amber from The Nutrients of Life won the ginkgo brooch.

Jumbleberry Jam won an acorn pendant.

Dawn from Renaissance Mama won the ladybug pendant

Leanne from Homemade Rainbows won the ginkgo brooch.

Email me your addresses ladies and I'll have these sent out this weekend.


Anonymous said...

YIPPEEE!!!!! Congrats to all the lucky winners! And thanks for the inspiration. I'm in a felting frenzy this week :-)

Joy said...

Six lucky ducks! Congrats ladies!

dongdong said...

Yeah!! I had a feeling we were going to win. :) Thanks so much, Lisa.

J says, YEAH! Thank you, Miss Lisa. :)

Ute said...

Uh, how exactly did I miss out on thkis fabulous contest???

Congrats, ladies. :)

Lisa, you are sooo cool.

dawn klinge said...

That was a great giveaway. Thank you so much! I think an Etsy shop for you is a fabulous idea.

Shady Lady said...

How exciting! Sorry I missed out on it, but big congrats to the winners!!

Leanne said...

Wow...you sure were generous and I feel so lucky to be a winner....Thank you Lisa....looks like there are lots of lovers of your felty goodness!

Anonymous said...

Yes! You should open an etsy shop. Your creations are just adorable! Thanks for the offer to win!