Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Corner View Ohio "Coffee"

MMMMMMMM coffee! Just seeing and smelling coffee beans makes my heart go a' flutter (literally)!

I change coffee flavors often. I love the many different options out there. Boston Stoker is our locally owned favorite, I especially love their caramel coffee. I also enjoy Trader Joe's variety of coffees. Right now Bali Blue Moon is in my fridge.

How do you say, "two coffees with milk" in your corner? I have never ordered milk with my coffee....I say "two coffees with soy milk."
What are the most popular ways to drink coffee? Lattes are very popular.
How do you take your coffee?
I prefer my coffee with nothing added, but my family has convinced me that it depletes the calcium in my bones so I take it with soy milk.
French press, percolator, espresso, or other? French press and other.
Are you a dunker? Nope
What was the funniest topic of conversation over a recent cup of coffee?
This morning, talking to my youngest about molting caterpillars.

My favorite coffee mug.

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Anonymous said...

Be still my heart! You're a coffee lover, too :-). Love the mug!

jane said...

are there no dunkers in this world?:) thanks lisa! i´m sure you´ll have a lovely day with lots of adventures! besos-jane

Erin said...

Love shopping at Trader Joe's, but have yet to try their coffee! And it makes my heart flutter a bit too. :)

Dana said...

The smell can get me excited as well; I know what you mean.

Jeannette said...

Bali Blue Moon...just the name makes me want to try it! ;)
Luv the mug!
My husband doesn´t even come near me before I have my coffee in the morning! Too dangerous! ;)
Have a great day, Jeannette

caitlin said...

Now I am interested in learning about molting caterpillars! I'm sure you could come up with a cute little felt caterpillar to use as a diagram :) Thanks for such a fun post!

flourishing olive branches said...

i also, am a coffe lover. unlike you, i like mine with lots of milk--cream even. yeah sure, load up on the fat right? LOL!
but don't be fooled by the calcium content in soy milk. up to 85% of the actual added calcium collects as sludge at the bottom of the containers, since its added as a fortifier in those types of beverages where there isn't any natural calcium. make sure its shaken really well, especially if you are ordering it out!
have you ever tried ben & jerry's ice cream flavor called 'coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz'? it actually has crunchy whole coffee beans mixed in. mmmnnnnnn, caffeine high, lol!

Joy said...

I could have written your answers on the coffee. :) The question is, how many french presses do you own? I might be embarrassed to answer that one.

Joyce said...

I love how you have a favorite mug. TJ is my fav place to shop too. Enjoy...

sunnymama said...

Mmmm, caramel coffee sounds interesting :) I love your favourite coffee mug!

Ritva said...

great mug!
let´s enjoy!

Palmer and Co said...

Ha! Molting caterpillars! Love it!

Happy Day!


Amanda said...

I am totally a dunker. It sends me right back to my childhood when my dad used to let me dunk my cookies in his after dinner coffee. Putting up with a mug full of soggy cookie crumbs? Now that's love!

Francesca said...

Fridge? I never thought of refridgerating it, but then I go through a coffee package so quickly! The rose water looks very interesting, I'll try that!

malo said...

I love your favourite cup! There is no better smell than coffee, i think. Maybe baby skin and lilac up there too.

dawn klinge said...! Your coffee cup is so cute.