Sunday, July 19, 2009

Miss Green Bean Jeans

Araina's way to collect her green bean harvest!

Beans, Beans, Beans

Baked beans, Butter beans,
Big fat lima beans,
Long thin string beans-
Those are just a few.

Green beans, Black beans,
Big fat kidney beans,
Red hot chili beans,
Jumping beans too.

Pea beans, Pinto beans,
Don't forget shelly beans.
Last of all, Best of all,
I like jelly beans!

-author unknown


Tan Family said...

Very cute! We are just getting a few beans right now, too. Thanks for the wonderful poem/verse.

Lisa said...

I like the sound of that!!!

Joy said...

What a fabulous picture! :) I love it!

About the blackberry jam, we just use the recipe from the Sure Jell box. We do use raw sugar to make ourselves feel better, but I'm thinking of trying some no-sugar-added kinds soon. I have had some success with those in the apple butter/pumpkin butter arena.

Leanne said...

Ha! Now where can I get some of those delicious jeans..yum.

The Magic Onions said...

SUCH as sweet photo!
Blessings and magic,

nettlejuice said...

We're getting the beans now too. Do you preserve yours at all? I've been trying to dehydrate mine, but no success.

Tara said...

I am so glad some folks are able to harvest some fresh veg.... so many local farms here have struggled with too much rain.

My husband is trying to be patient waiting for some green beans to make his favorite hot dilly bean recipe!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

We harvested our first crop on Saturday evening - they were so yummy!! I like the pocket collection method, I gathered mine in my skirt!! : )

Annie said...

HA! I love it!

Lisa said...

Nettle, they freeze really well.

Lisa :)

Shady Lady said...


suzanne said...

Hello Lisa

Thank you for popping by today. I just love this post. My kiddies come back from the orchard like this often. Today I got eggs! squashed in a pocket. We did manage to have them for breakfast. I do love eating from the garden..

Happy day to you
Warm regards

dawn klinge said...

So cute!

Nicola said...

i love it! very cute. we love beans too!

Stephanie said...

Sweet picture!