Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pollination Song

How Do Plants Pollinate?
(To the tune of: "This Land Is Your Land")

What does a plant need
To make a new seed?
Three things give flowers reproductive powers—
The sticky pollen,
The slender stamen,
And pistils make the flower whole.

What gets the pollen going
To keep new plants growing?
Different kinds of birds do,
Or the wind that's blowing.
Butterflies and bees,
Carry pollen they need.
That's what makes pollination work.

If a flower's not scented,
Or brightly colored,
And the flowers are smaller,
In clusters tighter.
With stamens longer,
the signs are stronger,
This plant spreads pollen on the wind.

When bright colored flowers,
Have a sweet perfume,
And a sugary nectar,
Then chances are good,
That birds and insects active,
Find the plants attractive,
And they'll spread the pollen as they go.

To hear this song click on " Sing The Pollination Song" here. Visit Pollen Studies for more pollen learning!


Shady Lady said...

How timely! Princess just asked if we could do a lapbook on flowers. =)

Ute said...

Ugh, now I've got this melody in my head. No fair....

Tan Family said...

Wonderful song! What a fun way to learn and remember this info. :) Brilliant!

tree said...

What a great song! We just released our monarch (after watching it emerge from it's chrysalis) i've taken several pictures almost exactly like yours .:) i love butterfly bushes!

Lo said...

Cute! Im lovin' your blog! so much natural beauty. Makes me happy! :)