Friday, September 25, 2009

shakespeare and kids (shakespeare herbal globe)

Many, many years ago I had a dream that my sister Katrina and I owned a little terrarium shop full of hanging glass spheres full of green life. This dream will always be in my mind and it inspired me to do this little Shakespeare activity with the girls. Shakespeare was a country boy and knew.....READ MORE.


Kristen said...

Hi Lisa! I left a comment on your other blog, but I didn't show up, so I must have done something wrong. :)

This project is so very, very cool and I love how it can go along with Shakespeare! You always out do yourself! Can you recommend a place to buy the glass ornaments?

Cherry B said...

Love your photos! Thanks for sharing them :)

Bleeding Heart said...

OMG! I just recently bought Glass Ornaments! I love this..thanks for sharing.