Tuesday, November 10, 2009

best unschooling blog 2009

Seriously didn’t expect to be nominated for the Best Unschooling Blog 2009; but I have been (so very humbled). Now since I’ve been nominated I would love to be voted for, up against some fantastic blogging friends and blogs! Feeling a little weird about this self-promotion….but please have a visit and vote, if not for me, vote for any one of the other blogs nominated. Just click on the little badge, it should take you right to the voting.

Now, my family and friends (of the non-blogging kind), I expect you to vote as well….for me of course! Thanks for the nomination, whomever that was, AND thanks in advance for taking the time for voting for me!

Have some pictures of the Williamsburg trip to share with you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh yay! Good for you, Lisa! BTW we did the ivory soap experiment yesterday. WOW! It was great! Hilariously messy, but great. Everyone was ready for bathtime so they could use their soap. Thanks for putting that up! :)

Congrats! And hope your trip was great.

Kristen said...

That doesn't surprise me AT ALL. : )

Dylana Suarez said...

Congrats on this!

Lovely blog!


Anet said...

You're in the lead right now!
Congrats and looking forward to the trip photos.

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