Saturday, January 31, 2009

Old Lady Who Lived in A Shoe

That's me there...the old lady with the laundry and the many children! Ok, so I only have 2, but our "Shoe" looks as if there were many more. Have to take the day off from the blogging to, I hate to say it, tidy up.


Leanne said...

Hmm now that's what I should be doing....if only I

Lisa said...

Ha! I love it! I have trouble turning it off too!!!!!

Earthwand said...

Hello! We love your blog - helps to have a professional take on the home school front. And, whilst I'm here - your 2 ladies are creative because they take after their mom. Anyway - I was going to ask when you did your housework ... now I see that you also have to do it sometime!