Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Creative Ideas to Use up Old Sweaters

I had a request for more ideas on using old thrift sweaters....here are some ideas contributed by myself, my baby sis, and my mama!

These adorable owl backpacks, made by my sister, were gifts to my little ladies for Christmas. My very talented baby sis made the pattern and all. I have been trying to get her to share the pattern, but she "claims" that she cannot find it.

My very talented mama makes beautiful hobo bags and backpacks from the sweaters (again using her own pattern).

My ladies quite often run to me with a new drawing that would make a cute softie. I simply cut the drawing apart to create a pattern to look just like the drawing.

Here, I simply cut the end of a sweater sleeve off to make a coffee cozy, then I like to embellish it a bit with a felty.

These are just a few ideas that we can do to use up old sweaters. My next project is a patchwork blanket using only sweaters!


Tiffany said...

I love that hobo bag... is there a way I can get your mom's pattern? :)

karen said...

cool ideas, who knew old sweaters could be so useful! love the softies made from your kids drawings

Tammy said...

Those owl backpacks are the most adorable things I've ever seen!!!!!

My youngest daughter is obsessed with owls. I hope someday your sister will find the pattern and share it, lol! ;)

Anonymous said...

Funny because I found two cashmere sweaters at Goodwill today and felted them tonight! I am going to try to make an easter bunny softie for K as they are Easter-ish colours. First time I have felted a thrifted sweater. I've taken some photo's of the felting process and will take some more when I make the bunny. I'll put them on my blog to show you how it turns out. Yours are fantastic and I LOVE the idea of making a 'creature' from your kids drawings. Super cool idea! Did you, or your family, felt the sweaters before starting?

Unknown said...

Blankets or pillows would always work out of the old sweaters....have you thought about unraveling the sweaters that can be unraveled to use for yarn for other projects?
Wonder if the sleeves could be made into fingerless gloves?

Anonymous said...

I love those owl backpacks. So cozy and beautiful and owly all at once! I have been really enjoying your blog, and am always happy to see you have a new post. And your banner picture is totally adorable.

Adrienne said...

These are all great ideas but I just LOVE the sweater cozy.

therese said...

thanks a lot! i'd love to make a quilt/blanket!