Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Felty Giveaway

As a thank you to all of the very kind words, wisdom and support from all of my friends out there I'm doing another giveaway.

One of my dilemmas with an Etsy shop is trying to decide if I should make my felties into pendants,

Keychains, hair pins or hair bands.

Here are the two felties up for the giveaway- the orange coneflower pendant

Or my newest favorite, the mushroom felty. You choose the backing: brooch, pendant or hair pin.

To enter the giveaway please do 3 things for me....

1. Tell me your favorite felty from above.

2. Do you see my felties as a brooch, hair decor, keychain or pendant?

3. Should you win do you want the orange coneflower or mushroom (be sure to let me know the mushroom backing)?

You will get an extra entry if:

1. You twitter the giveaway.

2. You are/become a follower.

3. You post the giveaway on your blog.

4. If you aren't a blogger or you are anonymous, tell me another way you spread the giveaway.

As always the giveaway is open to everyone across the globe. Thank you all so, so much for your opinions and support. You are all the best! ;)


Oh, and I almost forgot, the deadline is Saturday afternoon. I will randomly draw the winner, then announce it Saturday evening.


Anet said...

Oh, I just have to win this time!!!
I love them both... but I would choose the orange cone flower as a brooch. I love wearing them on my jean jacket!
I think an assortment of them on your Esty would be great. If that's an option.
Thanks for another chance to win a lovely felty creation:)

Pussnae said...

I love them all but I think my favorites are the fairies, mushrooms and the snail. I'm thinking as pendants, hair pieces and key chains. I would love to win the mushroom as a pendant! Thanks Lisa!!!

enikő said...

Wow, they're simply gorgeous!
So, here you are:
1. My favourite felty is the mushroom (perhaps the red one)
2. I see them better as a brooch or a hair decor.
3. Definitely the mushroom!

About the extras:
I'm your follower for a while and I love your blog, your daily advetures.
I'll spread your giveaway if you like. Anyway, you can partecipate to mine if you want.

Unknown said...

they are alllllll adorable and i think i like the idea of them all being used as necklaces brooches and hair pins. i know the kiddies would look absolutely adorable with them! i do like the way the necklaces look but hmmm, maybe brooches and pins would work more. like i said, i like all of them...

so...i'm a follower already and i will be twittering this (you'll see it). also, they are both so pretty, it's hard to choose but if i have to, i think i would lke the coneflower as a necklace :)

Denise said...

I love the coneflower as a pendant.

Denise said...

I am a follower so please enter me again for the mushroom as a hair pin or a key chain. I hope I win i'm so excited.

Amy Perrotti said...

1. My Favorite are the fairies!
2. Brooches
3. Mushroom Brooch
Very cute!! Very nice work!! Very fun give away!!
:) Amy

Kristen said...

Oh! Your felties are incredible! So hard to choose favorites...but maybe the deer and the toadstool. I like the pendant idea b/c it's so unusual. :) Oh yes, I'd love the orange cone flower!

Pick me, pick me!! :)

Mama King said...

I like the pink fairy the best. I could use a fairy god mother some days!

I think some would look better as brooches (like the fairies) and some like the flowers would look good any, hair clips or pendant.

I would choose the cone flower as a brooch.

I also follow your blog on my reader.

caitlin said...

Oh so sweet of you. Those little fairy's are so freaking cute!

I would probably see the felty's as hair decor or a broach.

I think I would want the orange flower to accent my hair.

Thanks for the fun give-a-way!

Jess said...

I love the coneflower! I would love it as a hair decoration best of all!
Thanks for making such a cool giveaway.

Cupcake Mama said...

So cute!!

The coneflower is my favorite...followed closely by the mushroom.

I think they could work as all 3, but I like the pendant idea the best~*~

I would like the mushroom (even though it was my 2nd

Thanks for offering this!! I'm posting a link to some groups I belong to.

Elizabeth said...

Orange cone flower is my favorite. And I like pendants the best!

NeeCee said...

Personally, I think you should vary them so you have some of each as pendant, brooch and hairpin. You don't know the needs of the customers and that way, you can meet just about any need out there.

I already am a follower, yippee!

My favorite is the cone flower as a brooch.

Juana said...

They are beautiful! I hope to win this time!
1-My favourite is the snail
2-I like them better as a brooch
3-I love the flower!
As for the extras:
I am a follower and I'll be happy to spread the word on my blog.
Thanks Lisa!

Unknown said...

I am a complete stranger...not your little sis...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mushroom (which I am sure your little sis would as well...the blonde/red/brown haired one). I see it as a brooch to wear on skirts, my lab coat and of course my jackets!! Again, I am not your little sister :)

affectioknit said...

What a sweet giveaway - I don't know I'd probably do a fridge magnet...

Lani Taylor said...

I love them all...there all so cute! I like the fairies.

Patzi said...

Those are so beautiful, all of them.

1.My favourite felty would be the snail or the red mushroom.

2.I don't see them as a keychain. I think they wouldn't last too long (at least at my keys). I can see them as a pendant or a hair decor. A brooch maybe, but I'm not a brooch person.

3. The mushroom.

Well for the extra credit.... I'm not anonymous, but I don't blog. But I already emailed people about your blog and I definetely tell them as well about the give away, in case they don't read regularly, which I don't know.

dawn klinge said...

I think the orange coneflower would be a cute brooch. Your felties are are so cute.

FrontierDreams said...

1. stawberry!!
2. brooch
3. the orange cone flower

i hope i answered those in the right order! :) i'ma follower ;)

Jessica said...

1. Tell me your favorite felty from above. It's a toss-up. I love the red & white mushroom and the snail...but love the mushroom (in the giveaway).

2. Do you see my felties as a brooch, hair decor, keychain or pendant? For the purpose of Etsy I'd try to offer all of them--or you could use the Alchemy option and let people choose.

3. Should you win do you want the orange coneflower or mushroom (be sure to let me know the mushroom backing)? I would LOVE to win the mushroom as a brooch!!

I'm a follower (which you already know) and a Twitter pal...and, since I love you & your blog, I'll post this giveaway at my blog, too!


Stacey said...

I love the fawn, it would be so cute as hair decoration, I could picture them all in my beautiful daughter's hair. I like the mushroom and would love the chance to win it as a hair deco for my daughter's. Thank-you for the chance you are very talented.

slim pickins said...

1. Oooh, mushrooms, love them, snails and mushrooms get me every time.
2. I would love to see what they would look like as hair decor. I think if there were a way you could offer the choice to the buyer, as you are doing with the mushroom in the give-away, you would be most successful! It might depend on who they are buying for, etc.
3.If i were to win, I would love the mushroom as a brooch.
I am a follower and happily link to your lovely blog on my own blog, as you know!
debbie (previously "bigbooty" -my sneaky husband keeps changing my blogger identity...)

Anonymous said...

1. I love the ladybug best :-)

2. Well, could they be all - brooch, hair decor, keychain or pterodactyl? I mean, I see some designs one thing (coneflower as hair decor, lady bug as brooch, etc.)

3. I would LOVE the orange coneflower :-)

No matter what, your etsy shop will ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'm a dedicated follower :-)

Maria said...

I love your feltys!!! I think my favorites are the pink snail and the red mushroom... I like the ones with lots of color.
I think they are great as a brooch, pendant and hair pin... I probably wouldn't use a key chain, just because I don't like having too much on my keys.
If I did win one, I think the mushroom as a hair pin would be wonderful!
Again, I love your site and get so many wonderful ideas. Your girls are so very lucky to have such a creative mama!
Thank you!!

Sowing Clover (Emily) said...

Lisa, my favorites are the trees with the heart, the fawn, or the snail, but of the two to pick from, I like the mushroom. I see it as a brooch that I can pin on a bag. As for the backing, I don't know whether you mean felt backing or brooch/hairclip/pendant backing. I also just twittered the giveaway, am a follower of your blog, and as soon as I get my next blog post up, I'll announce it in there. (It may take a while since the internet service here in the park is very slow.)

Palmer and Co said...

Oh, darling!! Tough choice... I'd have to go with the flower for our hair. My favorites... ALL of them! I know Luxe would choose the fairies for sure. As far as what to back them with? I think you could do all options! I'm no help, I know.

therese said...

1) i like the blue/green/grey flower the most, the one between the orange flower and the animal in your new (beautiful) header.
2)i see them mostly as brooches and hairpins, but i think you should give your potential buyers an option - they can choose whether they would like the felty as any of your options. and maybe add corrections to the price, if the different options would mean different prices.
3) i'd like to have the orange flower if i win!
thanks for a sweet giveaway!

Joy said...

I love the orange coneflower. Anything orange, really. :) I like the variety so I think that's what you should have in your shop. I'm not much of a brooch wearer, but I know people like choices. You could even do listings like you did this giveaway and finish the backing after their purchase. :) Good luck, Lisa!

Shanda said...

The mushroom is my favorite! I see them as all three of the choices but a brooch would be nice because you could also pin them on bags. If I win, I pick the mushroom brooch.
P.S. I love, love, love your blog! My 8 year old son has even bookmarked your page. We did the paper staining project but used walnut stain instead. The journals look great! Thanks again.

Tara said...

I love them all!

The mushroom is just adorable. I would wear it as a brooch on a jacket or sweater or even pinned to the outside of my handbag.

You are so talented Lisa.... when does the shop open???

Dairy Queen said...

i love following your blog! everyday i look forward to the adventures you have with your girls!
i LOVE the ladybug and the tree felties!
if i win i would love the coneflower in a brooch!
thanks Lisa! :)

dongdong said...

they are adorable. I love that blue tree with the blue heart. Fawn is also super sweet. I saw 2 just the other day for the 1st time in my life.

I see them more as pendants, but depending on the felties, it can also be a hair decor or brooch anything they want it to be.

I like the flower and I see that more as a brooch.

Madeline said...

I love the baby deer and the orange cornflower. Both would look great as pendants, but I'd love wearing it as a brooch on dresses and such.

MamaWestWind said...

Oh, boy! They're all so beautiful! I think that your designs could function so well in all those ways you stated. I personally think they'd be adorable as hair pins. But then again love the brooch and key chain idea! Maybe I'm not much help!

I love the mushroom especially and I think if I won I'd love it as a brooch. Your work is beautiful. Love that butterfly too. Hadn't seen that one before.

PS- you know I'll be putting your giveaway on my blog of course.

Alisha said...

I would love the orange cornflower as a brooch...

Any way you can make them in all three choices on your Etsy site? I would buy them all if they came in an assortment :-)

Lisa said...

Wow, you all really know how to make a girl feel like a million bucks! Thank you for the nice words.

Your opinions are great and noted. Looks like the option idea is the best, I'm just nervous about posting an unfinished product...I will have to "hurry up and finish" so I could get it mailed quickly. I'll just have to get better about the use of my time.

Lisa :)

A Magical Childhood said...

I love the bright whimsical ones like the red toadstool. I'd pick the mushroom as a pin and I see them as barrettes. My daughters would totally covet them. :)

Oh, and I'm a new follower!

Magical Mom said...

Help!! I love your felties so much and there is NOT a link at the top of your blog to your etsy shop.
The mushroom is adorable.
I think these fairies and the snail would be so fun to play with.
So what I need is a nice happy link at the top column LOL so I can hurry on over to your shop.

Tan Family said...

Wow! Neat idea. I think that if I saw your items on Etsy, I might like to have the option of purchasing the felties as pins (brooches) or hair clips. You could list each one twice, or list them each once with a comment about "let me know if you prefer this as a pin or hair clip".

My favorites are the butterfly and the pink fairy, but they are all beautiful! I would love to win the coneflower.

I will Twitter about your giveaway. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.....I think I like the idea of a feltie brooch, personally! And I LOVE the mushroom!
I've become a follower...and I'll post a link on my Facebook page...I haven't ventured into the blogging world just yet!

Olga said...

Hi there! wonderful bog! Your felt creations are just adorable..

1. Tree with a blue heart on it
2. key chain
3. The cone flower

Great ideas turned into gorgeous handmade things! I follow you now - please visit me back! :)

Antoinette said...

How is it possible to choose a favourite?? They are all adorable. Although I do have a thing for mushrooms, but then there are the fairies...and the snail. And the strawberry for goodness sake. Such gorgeousness.

I see them as brooches, (love felty brooches).

And I wold choose the mushie if I won : )

Toni said...

I like them both really, I like the brooches, pendants tend to get pulled off of me by my two year old. My favorite is the orange flower very happy and summery.

karen said...

They're all enchanting, and I really like your details, including the freckles on the mushroom and the two colors in the butterfly antennae. Favorites: fairies (with beehive hair-dos!), butterfly, and ladybug would be lovely as brooches and pendants. If chosen, I'd give the mushroom brooch a fun home. Thank you!

luby said...

io ci provo...
a me piace il fungo!
carino il tuo blog1

Mary Beth said...

I love both but I think the Orange Coneflower it is! I am a follower here also!

~Mary Beth

D said...

Such lovely stuff!

My favorites are the fairies...

I think the felties could be any thing you mentioned, but I like the idea of hair decor and brooch the best...

I would choose the mushroom as a brooch...

Becky said...

Oooo another giveaway! You're too good to us! :D
All your work is lovely - I love them all!
If I have the good fortune to win, I would love either one as a pendant!
For your shop, why don't you give the option too, they can buy a particular design, and then choose what kind of backing!?
Happy creating,
Becky ♥

kyndale said...

oh, I love them. I like the snail, butterfly and mushroom. I would love the mushroom as a brooch...or second choice would be a hair tie or clip.

Really great idea! I hope I win!

Lisa said...

Hi Lisa
Well, I love them all! But my favorite is the little deer. I would love to win the cone flower as a pendant. I think they would all make great hair pieces and pendants, honestly, they would be great as any one of your options. I am going to mention your giveaway on Goose and Binky! Your etsy shop is going to be a huge hit!!!

Patricia said...

Hello Lisa
I love youre blog!
Orange is my favourite color!!

A pendant with a orange flower on my neck would look very beautiful!

Much better then the rose-petal-beads ;)

Tammie Lee said...

My favorites are the deer,lady bug, brown mushroom and fairy. Oh the butterfly too. They are all adorable.

I think a brooch the most. What about as a charm on a bracelet? Maybe on a band of felt with a button for a clasp?

So sweet and kind of you to do a give away!I love the little mushroom one.

Since I am already a follower I think I will tweet about this.

hugs. said...

I am new to your blog and am enjoying it very much. I love your ideas. To answer your questions,
1. I love the snail. My boys and I just went camping the last two nights and spent one morning following the journey of a snail. Very mesmerizing creature.
2. I like them as a brooch.
3. I would like the cone flower.
I am presently working on a blog and/or website for myself. You are someone I would pass along to others.

sarah in the woods said...

I think my favorite is the coneflower. I think they would make great hair things or keychains. I'd like to win the coneflower pendant for my daughter.

Sherry Gann said...

I haven't commented until today because I've been trying to decide my favorite. I like them all! I suppose if I won I'd ever so slightly prefer the mushroom over the flower.

Oh, and personally, I prefer brooches for me, but if I had a daughter or niece, I'd like any of the other styles for them. :)

Sherry Gann said...

I'm a follower, of course. ;)

boatbaby said...

I love the mushroom felties, how sweet! I would do them as pendants if I were you. That way little boys can enjoy them too (not so with the hair accessories). My son would love the mushroom one as a necklace!
Lovely work!

Rowan Willow said...

Hi there

First I wanted to say how much i enjoy yor blog and adventures you and your lil fairies have. I would love to live such a "natural" life with my kids. You are an inspiration to me!

I am having a really hard time deciding...I absolutely LOVE the dear, but she is not for giving. I am a mushy nut and I love the "natural" look, a nice change from the red and white polka dots. I would want it as a brooch or hair pin. I know my youngest daughter would probably commandeer it though...we can share!

To sum it up...I would love to win the mushroom with a blue (robin egg would look lovely) backing and I think as a brooch or hair pin would be adorable.

Ta ta...I'm off to Tweet about it on Twitter....

Take care

Sarah said...

Is it to late to say "Pick me!"?

In answer to your questions...
1.) They are all so cute! I love the strawberry, snail, ladybug, flowers and tree the best... my husband makes fun of me because I can't choose a favorite color either.

2.) Is there an option E.) all of the above? Sorry no help on this one either!

3.)I love them both, you are so talented! If I HAD to choose... which obviously I do, I would probably pick the orange coneflower.

Thanks! Sarah

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! What a beautiful blog and how talented you are! I am in love with felt, however, my humble attempts at crafting with it fall rather short compared to your art pieces - congratulations on your talent!
I will continue to visit to enjoy your beautiful creations.
Greetings from Mexico ~