Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Dedication to Grandaddy and My Dad!

Cars have always been a big deal on my dad’s side of the family. My grandaddy spent his professional life in the car business and my dad followed in his footprints by spending his professional life in the car business. When my sisters and I were kids we were dragged to many car shows with my dad, with the promise that there would be ice cream to follow. We would bitch and moan and want to go and my dad would carry on in his classic car dream world, ignoring our demands of leaving. Today we went to a car show that was full of British classics and I had so much fun this time! My dad’s Austin Healey was part of this car show (that’s a story to save for another post).

A very cute and cheery yellow Bug-Eyed Sprite was my sister Robin’s favorite.

A gorgeous little MG.

Now I am not a car person, but whenever I see a Jag, I can’t resist turning my head in awe! I love them! All makes and models. I am particularly in love with this one!

The classic jaguar on the hood!

The Little Ladies liked this little Minor 1000.

HA! The tradition carries on with the next generation; Araina has had enough and is ready to go! I on the other hand really loved this car show! Hmmm, watch out Little Ladies, we might be tagging along with Grandad to more shows in the future! Dad, I hope you have the ice cream money ready! ;)

Dad and Grandaddy you must go to 5 Orange Potatoes (click here) at Wordpress to see these photos in their full glory!


Sowing Clover (Emily) said...

haha! This reminds me of my family, except instead of car shows, they were air shows, and my sister and I loved going to them. We got to walk inside jumbo jets an watch planes do cool tricks above our heads. What neat cars you saw!

Jill said...

Hey - I can relate. When I was young, it was bookstores my parents dragged me to. Now i can't get enough of them! I do love the old trucks in your picture - someday I'll find my way to an old Chevy pickup - cherry red!

Traveling Mama said...

My son flipped out when he saw your photos! He LOVES minis! Thanks so much for sharing!

Olga said...

Now these are really posh! Beautiful, I love the style of these cars they are complete perfection.

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