Sunday, January 25, 2009

Great Alternative to Plastic Cups

There was an accident in our house the other night, Bam Bam (nickname for my hubby), dropped our last little juice glass and it shattered to pieces. My youngest immediatly started leaking tears! She loved this little glass, it was the perfect size for her little hands to hold. I have never allowed plastic cups into our house....too many toxins, so we have always provided little glasses and juice glasses for the girls to drink from.
I have never spent over $.50 for these glasses, knowing they will eventually break in a household of small children (and a Bam Bam). We always find small glasses at thrift and antique shops. My mom purchased these glasses for $.5 each at a local thrift shop. These should keep the little ones happy for a while!


earthmama said...

We are on the same page as far as plastics. I have taken things a bit further this year and am trying not to purchase anything packaged in plastic!...harder than you would think. I love these little glasses, they remind me of my childhood:)
We live outside Parkersburg WV, about 3 hrs from you. Contact me by e-mail and we will see if we can work out a visit.
Also, I have set up yet another blog *surprise*
This on is to follow along on my plastic-free journey. No posts yet, but I will keep you...well...posted:)

Thank you for your comments. I love hearing from you, Jesse

Lisa said...

I will email you soon.....we have so much in common! We are always up for a roadtrip! I adore all of your blogs and can't wait to read more!

Jules said...

oh this is just the best idea
i stocked up at our oppy today.
8 glasses at .10 each & spashed out on two more for.40 each.