Monday, January 26, 2009

Little Quakers

I found this cute little duck tutorial at the Nosey Nest

The girls found them quite cute so they were off to pick their colors for their own individual duck! The girls helped stich them. F is getting quite good with the blanket stich, A is desperately trying....

With more practice, I keep telling her, she'll get it! I'm impressed with how hard she tries!


Nosey Nest said...

OH, these are great girls !!!! Well done. And I'm so proud you're showing them at your blog.
I hope to find the time soon to post new patterns and your blog at mine.....

Have a nosey day,
Nosey Nest

Leanne said...

Oh these are charming (as is your blog)...I think they need to go on my "to do" list!

MamaWestWind said...

Oh, how sweet!

All your felt work is making me want to unpack my felt right now!

Lisa said...

I know! I soooo love felt!