Wednesday, March 4, 2009

8 Things to do With Onions

Onions aren't made only for cooking!

1. Make natural dyes. You can dye natural cloth or eggs with onions. Visit here to learn how to make marbled easter eggs using onion peels.

2. Mosquitoes hate onions! Keep an onion plant on your windowsill or eat a lot of onions to keep these bloodsuckers from terrorizing you and the family.

3. Sooth Athlete's Foot. Rub a small amount of the onion juice onto the affected area, your foot will stink but will heal faster.

4. Faint preventer. You know about fainting salts, how about fainting onions? If someone feels faint pull out an onion, chop it and put it under their nose. They should feel better in no time!

5. Brass polish. If you have dirty old brass, boil some onions in a couple inches of water for a couple of hours. Use this water to polish the brass, it should clean it right up!

6. Wart remover. Get an onion, dip it in salt, then rub the wart with the salty onion. You may need to apply this more than once. This method even removes those stubborn warts.

7. Sting soother. If you get stung by a bee or bit by a mosquito, take an onion, cut it in half and rub it onto the sting. This should take the pain or itch away quickly.

8. Onion syrup for problems with the ear, nose or throat....or the common cold. (I know a lot of you could use this recipe right now!) Honey draws out the intercellular fluid of the onion, including a sulfur compound, which is antiviral and antibacterial! :)

To prepare the onion and honey syrup:

1. Chop an onion into cubes.

2. Add three full tablespoons of honey.

3. Leave the mixture overnight.

4. In the morning, filter out the onion cubes and retain the fluid.

*Ingest a full tablespoon every two hours.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I had no idea. I'm especially in need of the mosquito repellent (I'm a mozzie magnet). Fun stuff!

Ute said...

My mom would put lightly cooked onions directly on my ear. She'd fill it into a little fabric bag. It always seemed to help.

Erin said...

Great info! I always loved onions but learned a bunch of new stuff from your post.

MamaWestWind said...

Good tips!

dongdong said...

I didn't know that. Learned lots of good info here. Thanks!

Anet said...

Handy onions! I'm checking out the link for marbled Easter Eggs!

Amanda said...

Brilliant! Especially the honey onion syrup, I definitely have to try that one.

dawn klinge said...

How interesting! This is good stuff to know.

Unknown said...

Thanks Lisa, I love all of the good tips here, and I appreciate the onion recipe from yesterday!! Can't wait to try it!!!

Leanne said...

Ah! You my dear are an onion goddess!

Joy said...

I did not know some of these. Thanks for the tips!

Dawn said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Yours is fantastic!! I will be back often...
Dawn :)

Momma Hughes said...

AWESOME!! When onions are a great sale we chop them and freeze them for later. Go to to find out how and to learn how to prevent crying while you are chopping your onion.