Thursday, March 5, 2009


For Katrina (my sister), a poem of her favorite bird, the junco. A farewell to our winter snowbird, as spring is almost here.......

A Junco by Tom Gannon

a junco must be a quiet one
when the dark shell comes,
must close eyes, wings against the cold

then white light breeze--up to sing
can sing and sing, can sing
and thank the thawed brink of a puddle for a quick drink and sing

down to hard snow ground for scattered seed
sing and seed sing and seed
and back to the hard snow pine to sing
thanks sing,

as the white light breeze slightens,
less busy--preen a wing--
last burst of sing--
until all soft, and still, and warm

then a junco must be silent
when the dark shell comes,
then i must close my eyes; my wings; against the cold

*I made the junco brooch for her for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful poem. I ♥ dark-eyed junco, too. As a child I called them "snow birds". That brooch is incredible! So adorable. Would you mind if I tried to make one of my own based on yours? It's just wonderful.

dongdong said...

So pretty. I'm not a big fan of birds normally but that is really nice. J is doing better. Thanks for all your kind words and comments!!

Sara said...

That is a lovely little poem. Thanks for sharing.

Jane said...

I really like all the lovely felt projects you have shared! The junco is just adorable. I also really liked your hedgie : )

Lisa said...

Jumble, I don't mind if you made one based on mine. I'm happy to inspire.

Chele said...

I love your junco brooch, Lisa. And the poem was lovely. All we've seen at are feeders lately are juncos. They are fun to watch, and one of my son's favorite birds.

FrontierDreams said...

what a sweet poem! ever since my 1st daughter was born and i had to learn to stop my busy life for nursing sessions i have developed a deep appreciation of birds. every time i would nurse i would watch tme out the window in awe.

kristin said...

this is so sweet. and i really love the poem.

since i'm just visiting your blog for the first time i have to say i'm quite impressed to learn all the things i can do with onions. :) can't wait to try them out.

Maggie said...

The poem and brooch are both wonderful! Juncos are one of my favorite birds.